Whatever it Takes

A 4 Episode Docuseries

Founder, CEO: Matt Thomas

From the heights of free-climbing skyscrapers and the lows of a jail cell to making millions and living my dream life by age 21, my journey has ultimately been one of rejecting fear, attracting abundance, and learning to be in full control of my limited time on this planet.


Kali Moldavon

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Karson Peach

Growing up in Idaho, Karson has always had a deep desire to pursue his childhood dreams of surfing, skydiving and skating in the beautiful islands of Hawaii. When debating if he should leave, a close friend of his said to him, "you can always find reasons to not do something. Look for the reasons to do it." So, he packed his bags and has been living his life to the fullest ever since. Karson's personality and life story is a stellar example of a self-actualized life.

Instagram @karson.peach

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Trevor Turk

Trevor's constant desire to pursue his passions has lead him to success in areas of his greatest passions—skating and entrepreneurship. Trevor finds the time to skate on a regular basis on top of leading a successful media company that shoots car commercials for dealerships, events and enthusiasts all over the country!

Instagram: @trevturk

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Suffering from daily seizures throughout her teenage life, R”lyisha became accustomed to paramedic visits to her high school every day. It was believed by her doctors that she would suffer from seizures for the rest of her life. Instead of letting her condition control what she could and could not do, she decided to challenge what was holding her back—her physical limitations. Today, R”lyisha boxes on a daily basis and has not experienced a seizure since. Her success story is a testament to the mental prowess and self-determination radiating inside of her—the AlphaX mentality that permeates throughout the AlphaX team.

Instagram: @tracksfinest1998

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The AlphaX Mentality

Time is Limited

The majority of people spend their time like a limitless credit card. Not only does this breed complacency, but also regret. Your time is finite. Make the most of it.

Spend it Wisely

Our achievements are a direct result of the actions we take. What are you willing to do to achieve the life you envision?

End Mind Control

Fear is all in your head. At the end of the day, you're the one in the driver's seat. Control your fear. Don't let it control you.